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Just a whole bunch of Mom stuff

Welcome to Mama Mandy B, a lifestyle blog for rants, ramblings and random things from a working mom in Minnesota.

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Holiday Magic

It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged! I thought Id ease my way back in with some of my favorite moments from this holiday season!...

October on the North Shore

We were fortunate to be able to spend a few days in a gorgeous log home on the north shore of Lake Superior last week. Getaways like that...

Fall Favorites

I've put together a little roundup of all of my current fall favorites! Places: - The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum -...

Harlow: A Love Story

This is a piece of writing I did after our first night at home with Harlow. . . . If you'd had a window into my bedroom this morning, you...

Sweet September Sunday

We had an incredible Sunday at The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. I grew up in the southwest metro area and used to go to the arboretum...

First Fall Weekend

This weekend, we stopped at a roadside pumpkin stand and went to an apple orchard. It was perfect and amazing. Once again, it's never too...

Fall Vibes

I firmly believe in decorating early. No matter the season. I like to spend as much time in my favorite seasons as possible. Fall is by...

Roller Coaster: an Ode to 2020

I'm not a roller coaster person. Being strapped in and taken for a ride does not appeal to me. The growing anxiety of the climb of that...


We needed a minute. Or, rather, a day. To reset, pause. To get out of the city, and our own heads. To unplug and head up north for the...

Worn to a Frazzle

Human. Woman. Mother. Lover. Wife. Dog Mom. Boss. Photographer. Writer. Care-taker. Problem solver. Finder-of-things. Soothsayer. Nurse....

Ships In The Night

Have you ever heard the phrase: "Passing like ships in the night"? Basically, it refers to two people who spend brief amounts of time...

Hashtag #Validation

I honestly don't know what life would have looked like for me if I'd had social media as a teenager.

4 Days on the North Shore

On our honeymoon 6 years ago, we spent a few blissful days and nights on Minnesota’s North Shore. The North Shore is what we call the...

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