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Worn to a Frazzle

Human. Woman. Mother. Lover. Wife. Dog Mom. Boss. Photographer. Writer.

Care-taker. Problem solver. Finder-of-things. Soothsayer. Nurse. Maid. Babysitter. Jumper-through-hoops. Emailer. Engagement seeker. Hustler. Leader. Teacher. Re-seller. Content Creator. Consumer. Mac-and-cheese-maker. Snack-retriever. Reassurer. Empowerment junkie. Cuddler. Daughter. Sister. Person-in-charge. List maker. Organizer. Harmonizer. Actualizer.

When you're a lot of things to a lot of people, the vibrance can get sucked from you. But then you pretend that you're fine because others are dependent on all of your myriad roles. You become really good at acting, really good and willing your vibrance to shine, while inside you're worn to a frazzle and every new request for your attention feels like nails scraping on glass.

Here's the thing: you're strong enough to be a lot of things. You can do everything. But it doesn't mean you have to. Isn't that incredible? Even though you're capable of doing it all, especially all at the same time, there is no rule requiring your obligation. You can ask for help. More importantly, you can say NO. (My guess, if you're anything like me, is that word is not a staple in your common vernacular).

You see, I know you pride yourself on being the best at everything. But you can't possibly be the best at everything if you're burning out. If you're not filling your own cup, how do you expect to pour everyone's orange juice from it? It's, it's VITAL to ask for help, to say no, to do for yourself first before you do for others.

Consider this your permission slip to take care of yourself.

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